The time is ripe for some of us to take a stand against some of the horrendous representations of the Amish in the national media. We invite lancastrians to join our group and speak out for better representation of the Amish and all of us in Lancaster County.
We’ve formed a FaceBook Group that is open to all those who respect the Amish and their way of life. We want to take a stand against the exploitation that is happening in the media right now in terms of the current glut of fake Amish TV shows, such as Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish, Amish Haunting, Return To Amish etc.
We are not happy with these shows depicting the Amish as violent mafia types. I’ve lived in Lancaster County all of my life. I’ve been a RN for three decades. My present position entails working closely with Amish families.
A group of us are saying a resounding NO to the exploitation of not only the Amish, but of our entire community. We hoped these shows would go away, but with 5 shows up and coming, all showcasing the Amish in a disingenuous manner, we founded a very active group, asking Discovery et al to act responsibly. They are no friend of Lancaster County.
Our tourist industry is tainted by these shows. It used to be that people came to Lancaster with a genuine interest in learning about our peaceful neighbors. Now they come, expecting to catch a glimpse of Lebanon Levi or Esther, and watch buggies be blown up by AK47’s.
This is unacceptable.
We encourage supporters to refuse producers’ requests to film on their property, to email the shows’ sponsors and, of course, to tune out.
By remaining silent, or turning a blind eye, we run the risk of exploiting our selves and all the family traditions we hold dear.